Furniture rental for professional athletes

On a regular basis Home Inspirations Rental Furniture provides (foreign) professional athletes in The Netherlands with a carefree experience when it comes to their temporary home furnishings. Amongst our customers are, for instance, soccerclubs and iceskating organizations.

With our excellent (English) service, personal styling, different furniture styles en short delivery times we make sure that our clients don't have any worries about their furniture. They only have to turn the key of their fully furnished home: all ready to move in!

Last week we furnished the appartment of one of FC Utrecht's professional soccerplayers. We provided his temporary home with our Modern basic style (one of our 3 furniture rental basic collections) and added a trendy twist.

For many years we regularly use the services of Home Inspirations for our foreign employees. We find this coorporation very pleasant, especially for us, because we often have last minute assignments, which Home Inspirations often can fulfill within a week. In addition, the style of the furniture suits our young workers very well.
— Mirjam Clifford, teammanager soccerclub Vitesse
fc utrecht plaatsing feb 2018.png

Styling booth Alkaram Textile Mills at Heimtex 2018 (Frankfurt – Germany)

It's becoming a tradition, also this year we had the honour of taking care of the styling of the booth of Alkaram Textile Mills during the Heimtex 2018.

For our inhouse stylist Christy, this involved the interior design and general styling of the booth and Alkaram’s bedding products. She also was responsible for the selection and purchase of all items and accessoires.

A skill set well used, considering the outcome! For your inspiration:


Besides supplying all neccessities for your temporary home furnishings, Home inspirations is also an experienced partner when it comes to different types of styling projects (home staging, booth styling, project furnishings etc.)

We make renting furniture a worryfree experience for our customers!

The great outdoors!

A whole new level

No matter what the season; taking the time to enjoy our gardens has become a ritual for most of us. More often than not, the garden has become our favorite place to re-connect with ourselves after a long day, celebrate our kid’s birthdays, marvel at the nature that surrounds us, and enjoy a good barbecue with family and friends. Keeping these things in mind; we want to mention a few must have elements that every garden should include for maximum enjoyment. Take a read, and try something out!

Hot topic

If you’re planning a garden get together then the third element of the universe is a must have! Since caveman times fire has acted as an important point for human gathering. It not only adds aesthetic beauty, but it's also a practical way to keep warm on cooler nights or cook up your favorite treats! Whether you’ve set your sights on a classic bonfire pit, floating Tiki torches, portable fire units, or a traditional outdoor fireplace, this powerful element cannot be passed up! Which manifestation is right for you? Here is a little questionnaire to help you determine that. How often do you entertain? Do you have children or animals? What is your budget? What is the main purpose of your space? Is your favorite garden at your regular residence, vacation house or both? All of these factors play into how you choose to display this element. If you're still not sure, then take a visit to your local garden or D.I.Y center. Consult with the experts there, they’ll help you make an informed decision.

The right choice

These days throwing away your garden furniture at the end of the summer is not an option; that’s why choosing the right materials for your garden is just as important as picking out the pieces themselves. So how do you know which materials are right for you? It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a minimalistic, bohemian chic or pure country look and feel; durable, eco-friendly and weather resistant materials should be at the top of your list. These materials can manifest themselves in the form of aluminum framed stools and sofas, recycled plastics in the form of flower boxes and lounge chairs and UV resistant fabrics for cushion covers and accent pillows. No matter what shape, size, or color they come in; these materials are created to last!

Eternal Sun  

Using exterior lighting not only provides additional safety and security to your property, it also ensure that you can enjoy your garden long after the sun has gone down; and isn’t that what summer nights are all about!  Adding lighting to statement items such as a pool, barbecue pit or outdoor bar can add ambiance galore to your backyard. However, choosing smaller more centralized lighting elements such table lanterns, door sconces, or string lighting ensures a more intimate feel for your outdoor entertaining. Inviting light into your life has never been easier! 

Are you living temporarily in the Netherlands? Don't want the hassle of buying and then selling your garden furniture? Request a quote from us today and receive your delivery within 48hrs!

Pastels, what’s hot now!

Pastels bring a joyful and carefree feeling into your summer decorating.  These colors are also diverse enough to be incorporated into a multitude of decorating styles. From Scandinavian to rustic and from contemporary to Urban chic.

Timeless Popularity

Pastels may be a hot topic at the moment, but they have actually been among us for quite some time.  They often reveal themselves in fashion forward ensembles from the likes of Prada, Giorgio Armani, and Louis Vuitton. In a similar way, some of the world’s most famous artists like Pablo Piccasso, Jean-Baptiste Perronneau and Alexandre Roslin chose pastels to reveal the softer more spirited side of their subjects.

Still a bit apprehensive about using this stereotypically light, airy and feminine color palette in your décor? Then perhaps one of the following steps will help you ease your way into this summer’s trend!

Pastel Sampler

Step 1: A very simple way to get started is to add some textured pastel cushions to your sofa or accent chair. Cushions have always been an easy way to incorporate color into a room without painting or having to buy all new furniture. If you’re a bit more cautious, then try using a pastel colored linen alternative to your paper napkins during your summer barbecue. Colors such as pink, blue or yellow not only brighten up your garden table, they will be a continual reminder that summer has finally arrived.

Step 2: Stream pastel accessories like serving trays, scented candles, or accent tables into your home.  Place these items in rooms such as your kitchen, bedroom or livingroom, for an affordable and functional style. What a great combination!

Step 4. Try your hand at a piece of pastel DIY artwork. For example, sketch your favorite summer flower, an abstract object, or maybe a classic bowl of fruit! Frame, and enjoy!

Step 5. If you’re looking for a slightly larger or bolder step to incorporate pastels into your décor, then why not paint an accent wall or purchase a sofa in your favorite pastel color?  You could also refurbish a chest of drawers to use in your hall or entry way. These additions will not only bring out your creative side, they make great conversation pieces!



Would you like to receive more advice about how you can incorporate pastels into your decor? Then contact us today for a consult.



Preparing your home for sale!


Is your home currently for sale? Or do you have plans to sell your home in the near future? Then you should be considering home staging!

With a few good tips, and tricks of the trade, you can stage your own home!

Inviting atmosphere

Home staging should give potential buyers a good impression about how a particular room or house could look and feel. And this is what home staging is all about, not simply filling an empty space, but presenting an inviting atmosphere.

When staging your home you should (if you can) start off with a clean palette: empty walls, no carpeting, and of course no furniture or accessories. This bare beginning gives your imagination room to think about how you can inspire potential buyers. By taking the time to think through the use of color, materials, and the placement of furniture you can create a sense of unity throughout your entire home. 


Tips and tricks

1.     Use neutral colors. Neutral colors speak to a wide audience and leave room for the buyer to imagine themselves living in a home. If you have your mind set on using more pronounced colors, then accessories such as accent pillows or an eye catching painting are the way to go. It’s best to stick with one accent color or to use different shades within the same family, this ensures that unity within the home is maintained.

2.     Let the natural light shine through. Natural lighting creates an open and spacious feel in any size room. It’s best to minimize the use of heavy drapery and other dark window treatments for staging.

3.     Pay attention to the details. Make sure items such as door handles and baseboards are tightened and properly affixed. An organized house, a bouquet of fresh flowers, and a light fresh scent play a role in optimizing the first impression of a home.

4.     Play up the unique points. Emphasize the unique characteristics of your home by letting them speak for themselves. Thus, minimize clutter, and the use of distracting accessories during decorating.

5.     Bring the outside in and the inside out.  A greater sense of unity can be formed by extending the living space of the home to the outside and vice versa. Decorate patios and balconies with similar materials, colors or styles as the interior of the house. By doing this you not only extend your living space, but further support the unity throughout your home.

Congratulations! If you’ve made it this far you’re well on your way to selling your home.

A good internet presentation

So, you’ve successfully staged your home, now what? These days most buyers head to the internet first when looking for a new home. Make sure that you give your home an unforgettable online presentation! Spark the curiosity of potential buyers by using high quality 3D films and photos. And make sure that the description of your home accurately reflects its new and improved atmosphere!

Leave it to the professionals?

Need a little help getting started? Then check out the portfolio section of our website to see some examples of our home staging projects. Or do you prefer to let the professionals take the lead? Whether you’re looking for a complete or partial staging, we provide furniture, accessories and staging methods that are designed to accelerate the sale of your home! Contact us today for a quote.