Pastels, what’s hot now!

Pastels bring a joyful and carefree feeling into your summer decorating.  These colors are also diverse enough to be incorporated into a multitude of decorating styles. From Scandinavian to rustic and from contemporary to Urban chic.

Timeless Popularity

Pastels may be a hot topic at the moment, but they have actually been among us for quite some time.  They often reveal themselves in fashion forward ensembles from the likes of Prada, Giorgio Armani, and Louis Vuitton. In a similar way, some of the world’s most famous artists like Pablo Piccasso, Jean-Baptiste Perronneau and Alexandre Roslin chose pastels to reveal the softer more spirited side of their subjects.

Still a bit apprehensive about using this stereotypically light, airy and feminine color palette in your décor? Then perhaps one of the following steps will help you ease your way into this summer’s trend!

Pastel Sampler

Step 1: A very simple way to get started is to add some textured pastel cushions to your sofa or accent chair. Cushions have always been an easy way to incorporate color into a room without painting or having to buy all new furniture. If you’re a bit more cautious, then try using a pastel colored linen alternative to your paper napkins during your summer barbecue. Colors such as pink, blue or yellow not only brighten up your garden table, they will be a continual reminder that summer has finally arrived.

Step 2: Stream pastel accessories like serving trays, scented candles, or accent tables into your home.  Place these items in rooms such as your kitchen, bedroom or livingroom, for an affordable and functional style. What a great combination!

Step 4. Try your hand at a piece of pastel DIY artwork. For example, sketch your favorite summer flower, an abstract object, or maybe a classic bowl of fruit! Frame, and enjoy!

Step 5. If you’re looking for a slightly larger or bolder step to incorporate pastels into your décor, then why not paint an accent wall or purchase a sofa in your favorite pastel color?  You could also refurbish a chest of drawers to use in your hall or entry way. These additions will not only bring out your creative side, they make great conversation pieces!



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