Exclusive furniture collection: the choices we offer.

You can make your selection out of our 3 different exclusive furniture collections: Maison, Modern and Urban. With our exclusive series we go the extra mile for you with an extraordinary and deluxe version of the furniture package of your choice.

Solid wood furniture, high quality and spacious sofas, large diningsets, deluxe domestic appliances, selection and styling of your furniture by a professional home stylist. A few examples of all the extras that come with our exclusive furniture packages.

Maison Exclusive Style

Our Maison Exclusive furniture style is suitable for virtually every type of residence: from small appartment to villa. Depending on your personal preferences, this solid wooden furniture can be styled in both a classic and/or modern look, to the extent of comfort that you desire.

compositie sfeerbeelden maision exclusive.jpg

Modern Exclusive Style

Our Modern Exclusive furniture style is characterized by robust massive wood combined with sturdy materials and accents. This collection has a trendy look, it combines very well with several types of furniture and materials. A deluxe and comfortable ambiance for your home!

compositie modern exclusive style.jpg

Urban Exclusive Style

Our Urban Exclusive furniture style is a versatile solid wooden furniture collection. This style combines well with diverse materials. Rugged metals, concrete accessories, beautiful glassware and also soft pillows and plaids contribute to a deluxe look and ambiance.

compositie sfeerbeelden urban exclusive style.jpg

Made to measure exclusive furniture

Looking for something else? Home Inspirations can supply exclusive (high end and design) furniture, that matches your specific taste and standards. Contact us to find out what possibilities we can offer.

compositie sfeerbeelden made to measure.jpg