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Interior Styles

With no fewer than 4 different interior styles, Home Inspirations offers an extensive package of options for your temporary interior. Choose from one of our furnishing styles and you have all the supplies you need for a complete home design!

Industrial living

The Industrial style is a versatile solid wood furniture program, with sturdy metal accents. We combine this tough style with comfortable materials for an optimal homely environment.

Modern living

Our modern style is widely applicable. We combine the neutral materials with attractive and cosy living elements.

Trendy living

Our Trendy interior style is a mix & match interior. This playful interior can differ per home. We combine wood, metal and tough elements in a tasteful way.

Maison living

Our maison style is suitable for almost every home. We combine natural and comfortable materials with warm colours to create a homely environment.

I very much liked the services provided by Home Inspirations; especially the quick response to my application. Within a few days, the furniture could already be placed. The look of the furniture is good and appropriate to our audience. The availability of model homes has certainly helped us renting out our apartments.

— Casper Neeteson, Van Ommerenpark Residence
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