We work together with Home Inspirations satisfactorily. The responses to a request are quick and professional. Quotes are clear and complete and service is good. Promises are kept and the delivered furniture fits the chosen category. Also, in the event of modifications, everything will be done to achieve a suitable solution.
— M.M.Heinink, Royal Grolsch
For many years we regularly use the services of Home Inspirations for our foreign employees. We find this coorporation very pleasant, especially for us, because we often have last minute assignments, which Home Inspirations often can fulfill within a week. In addition, the style of the furniture suits our young workers very well.
— Mirjam Clifford, teammanager soccerclub Vitesse
“Nothing is too much. After doing some research, we found Home Inspirations over the internet. Peter and his team were very helpful from the start and we work with them from the moment we arrived from the United States to the Netherlands, now 1.5 years ago. My husband selected the style and when I came here I made some adjustments to our teenagers to give what they need. Home Inspirations was very flexible and made us feel at home. Nothing was too much. They felt our situation really well.
Home Inspirations has provided us with almost 90% of the content of our home, from pillowcases to cutlery. Peter is still available when we even need anything else. “
— — Carmen Tribolet wife of ACN Europe CEO, Michael Tribolet
I very much liked the services provided by Home Inspirations; especially the quick response to my application. Within a few days, the furniture could already be placed. The look of the furniture is good and appropriate to our audience. The availability of model homes has certainly helped us renting out our apartments.
— Casper Neeteson, Van Ommerenpark Residence
“The rapid response times and respectful way of dealing with customers result in a level of service that you no longer so often encounter. You notice that they are doing their best. When my plans changed it was no problem, flexible agreement gave me all the space I needed. “
— IT-legal consultant, mr. drs. Lesley Broos
As a recruiter Burdock comes regularly into contact with professionals in need of housing arrangements. When last, once again, we could not find a furnished apartment, we started looking for furniture options. Through Google, we arrived at the site of Home Inspirations. When we realized the furniture had to come from Almelo to Helmond, we thought it would be too far, but a phonecall proved anything but. Then we could fill up a comprehensive list what we needed in terms of furniture, and the same day we got the bill. The next weekend, all the furniture was delivered free of charge and the apartment was also decorated. All this for a reasonable monthly fee. Since then we always contact Home Inspirations when it comes to furniture.
— Dion Wagenaar, recruiter at Burdock Group
Excellent accessibility by phone and email. Very good services. Very friendly and a great help with organization.
— John Matthews, Ardmac Ltd
Clean interior, neatly delivered and retrieved.
— S.C. Bultman
Home Inspirations has immediately understood our needs and the basic device for both apartments functioned perfectly from the start. We have been working together for two years, and if anything needs to be changed, it is never a problem. Home Inspirations switches immediately and is fast with an appropriate solution. “
— — Tamara van Steenbergen, Mayfran International BV
“Home Inspirations knew exactly what we needed. And if something needed to be changed, nothing was too much trouble. Within 48 hours, there was always a solution arranged at no extra cost. “
— — Elizabeth Swinbank, Woningcorporatie De Alliantie Gooi en Vechtstreek
We are very pleased with the friendly contact with Home Inspirations staff and the speedy delivery of leased products. It looked good on the website immediately and the rental fee is fine!
— Anika Zeeuw- Schuring, Thales Group
Home Inspirations provides excellent service and response. Keep it up!
— H. Haldane and G. Caughey
The quick reaction after the application in combination with the price made us go with Home Inspirations. Home Inspirations was much cheaper than the competition. Although we had a standard package, I found that all pillows, blankets and mattresses were extremely clean, the couch and chairs evenso.
— Mrs Arcuri, GWK Travelex
Fast delivery and custom-made furnishings. These were neatly placed. Nice contact with the staff, very flexible. Efficient and therefore a must!
— Anouk Toebes, SeysCentra
Excellent followup and rapid answers after the initial enquiry that we made. The right questions were asked, so that our needs were clear quickly . Flexible when it comes to finding solutions; a week after making enquiries our house was fully furnished. Strengths: communication, followup and terrific furnishing staff.
We are very satisfied with Home Inspirations, because of the good price, great arrangements and beautiful pictures. The furniture had a nice, neutral style. In addition, the employees are very friendly. Our compliments.
— P. Luijten
What I like about Home Inspirations is that I’m getting a quick answer to a question. You services are often used when there’s a situation where a lot needs to be arranged and a lot of stress is involved. Then it’s nice to get a quick answer. Just a call if it’s a little bit later is one of the things that make it nice. Of course, it looks fantastic. The goods are of high quality and also very beautiful! The residents were surprised to see their new home. Thank you!
— M. van Busschbach, Odion
Fast friendly service. We needed complete home furnishings for a complete multi-storey house and it was fast and well organized. Clear communication. We are very satisfied!
— Colette van der Bogt, 8ball Music
Home Inspirations has very good references on their website and work very professionally. The staff are friendly and very helpfull. In addition, Home Inspirations is very flexible: a lot can be arranged in consultation.
— E. Duursma
“ The rapid response times and respectful way of dealing with customers result in a level of service that you no longer so often encounter. You notice that they are doing their best. When my plans changed it was no problem, flexible agreement gave me all the space I needed. “
— IT-juridisch consultant, mr. drs. Lesley Broos