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Project Design

Home Inspirations is a reliable and solid organisation, with qualified staff, who have the know-how to successfully establish your project. Thanks to our experience, we know what it entails in setting up a project. Our project furniture is robust, resilient and suitable for various purposes.

We are flexible and work quickly and efficiently. Clear communication brings us together to achieve the best results, without unpleasant surprises!

— Ernst-Jan, Projectmanager

Our project furniture is robust, resilient and suitable for various purposes.

  • Student housing
  • Recreational homes and show homes
  • Residential care organisations
  • Home exchange, nursing homes and guesthouses
  • Rental homes, retirement homes and regular homes
  • Housing of staff
  • Temporary accommodation in the event of an emergency

Home Inspirations

Project Management

You state your requirements and we will arrange the project design for you from A to Z. We can take over the entire process from design to purchasing, up until the placement of project furniture.


When it comes to project design, we take all aspects involved in this process out of your hands. We can implement the logistics, facility and planning for you, as well as cleaning. We unburden you, so you can remain focused on your core business.

Our Expertise

By outsourcing your project design to Home Inspirations, you save time and money. In addition, you benefit from the convenience of the service we offer.

We have an extensive network of furniture manufacturers and suppliers and have knowledge of project furniture and its specific requirements. Furthermore, we have a storage facility for the storage of project equipment or the assembling of furniture.

Home Inspirations has all the equipment to carry out extensive projects efficiently and has access to a wide flex pool to employ extra manpower on a short-term basis, if necessary.

Our home furnishings are always delivered ready-to-use. Let us surprise you with our swiftness and service and the competitive rates of our project designs.

Home Inspirations

Project Furniture

More than 14 years of experience in the field of home furnishings! We provide both basic and complete interiors for student accommodation, residential care organisations and leisure.

Interior Design Styles

Become inspired!

Functionality often comes first in project design however, Home Inspirations never fails in providing a homely atmosphere and a stylish whole. Due to our diversity of interior styles, we have an appropriate interior for every target group. Our project design is compiled entirely in accordance with you, to meet your requirements.

  • Interiors in various price ranges
  • Layout in a basic or complete version
  • Both standard and exclusive furniture
  • Additional items such as decoration, kitchen utensils, home textiles, equipment, children's furniture and garden furniture, to name a few.

We can supply project design on a purchase basis, rental basis or a combination of both. For the terms and conditions, contact us.

Home Inspirations

Complementary services

Home Inspirations offers various additional products and services. In matters such as styling and window upholstery, we can optimally coordinate all aspects of your project.


Not only can you rely on us for Project Design, we can also provide additional products and services for you. Hereby, optimally coordinating all aspects of your total design.

  • Interior styling
  • Window upholstery
  • Carpeting
  • Applying wall paint
  • Latex spraying
  • Cleaning
  • Kitchen components
  • Sanitary components
  • Decoration packages
  • Home textiles
  • Household appliances

Home Inspirations

Reference Projects

These clients are located in sectors such as project development, recreation, housing associations and multinationals. Below you will find a number of examples of projects carried out by us. In consultation with you, we can carry out project design according to your requirements and size. Contact us for the possibilities!

We have set up 50 homes for temporary housing for our client in the earthquake zone. Over a long period, these private homes will be reinforced and renovated. The completed homes are fully furnished and ready to use for the various families.

  • Design/plan furnishing and furniture selection
  • Purchase of furniture
  • Management, logistics, planning and the like
  • Pre-assembly and temporary storage of furniture
  • Storage, assembly and placement of furniture at project location
  • Placement of lighting and linen
  • Waste flows, facility management maintenance

On the Laan van Spartaan in Amsterdam West, you can find the Netherlands' most modularly built project ever: a 16-storey building with a total of 361 student residences. Home Inspirations was selected as a project designer by the project developer, whereupon this project was achieved within a very small timeframe of 4 weeks.

    li> Design/plan furnishing and furniture selection
  • Purchase of furniture
  • Management, logistics, planning, permits and the like
  • Pre-assembly and temporary storage of furniture
  • Pre-assembly and temporary storage of furniture
  • Placement of ceiling lighting and linen
  • Waste flows, facility management maintenance

Our client has been looking for a project designer for furnishing 25 rental properties, intending to accommodate the employees of an international company. In collaboration with the client, we have composed an inventory and we have chosen to work with 2 interior styles.

  • Inventory of required furniture
  • Selection of interior styles
  • Purchase of furniture
  • Logistics and planning
  • Pre-assembly and temporary storage of furniture
  • Assembly and placement of furniture at various locations
  • Mid-term delivery/replacement of furniture /li>

For the housing corporation; De Alliantie, we have furnished many homes with the aim of accelerated rental/sale for several projects by means of Interior Styling. In addition, various homes have been set up as temporary homes and Home Inspirations has provided the relocations for De Alliantie.

  • Design/plan layout
  • Furniture selection
  • Furniture assembly/placement
  • ‘Home Staging’
  • Implementation of relocations

Due to the renovation of 96 homes in Haarlem, residents were temporarily re-housed into exchange homes. Home Inspirations provided these homes with a temporary interior.

  • Design/plan layout
  • Furniture selection
  • Furniture assembly/placement

Over the past years, we have been providing projects for Woonforte on a regular basis. Namely, the provision of home furnishings for guesthouses, show homes and emergency homes. For example, in Alphen aan den Rijn, we equipped the emergency homes (those assigned to affected residents, in connection with the crane accident that took place in 2015), with home furnishings.

  • Plan layout
  • Interior design
  • Furniture assembly/placement
  • Implementation of relocations

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