Moving can be exciting and challenging. After all, there's a lot on your plate. With a handy checklist and schedule, you can stay in control during your move. Home Inspirations has compiled this free moving checklist and schedule from years of experience.


▢ Quit the lease on your old house/sell your house

▢ Apply for energy label

▢ Possibly arrange rent allowance

▢ Apply to employer for moving allowance and leave

▢ Take time off or apply for leave of absence 

▢ Hire removal company / arrange removal van

▢ Arrange for removal service PostNL

▢ Arrange for moving boxes

▢ Arrange for a notary

▢ Take measurements of new house

▢ Adjust monthly tax refunds

▢ Make arrangements with the new occupants

4-2 Weeks before moving in

▢ Arrange insurance 

▢ Shut off gas, water and electricity

▢ Change water company when moving to another region

▢ Change address at other important agencies / change contracts

▢ Put away things that are not moving with you

▢ Possibly arrange storage

▢ Cancel/change parking permit 

▢ Find out about schools, public transportation, municipal regulations and rent subsidy options

2 Weeks before moving in

▢ Inform janitor

▢ Make arrangements for children and pets on moving day

▢ Store valuables in a bank safe

▢ Pack secondary belongings

1 Week before the move

▢ Cleaning the new home

▢ Start packing primary belongings

▢ Purchase enough coffee/tea/water for the new house

▢ Notify suppliers

▢ Take down curtains (except in bedrooms)

▢ Empty/clean garbage containers from old house

1 Day before the move

▢ Defrost and clean refrigerator/freezer

▢ Lock the washer drum guard in place

▢ Disassemble furniture

▢ Packing last things 

▢ Leave parking space free for the moving van

▢ Saying goodbye to neighbors

Moving day

▢ Store important belongings in carry-on luggage

▢ Checking out house

▢ Taking meter readings

▢ If necessary, drain water supply

▢ Close windows and doors

▢ Hand over keys

Upon arrival at my new home

▢ Have furniture put in the right place

▢ Check all unpacked items for possible damage

▢ Make a room habitable as soon as possible

▢ Hang up bedroom curtains

▢ Acclimate refrigerator

▢ Remove the drum guard from the washing machine

After moving in

▢ Unpack everything

▢ Report any noticeable moving damage

▢ Report change of address to the municipality

▢ Pick up borrowed moving boxes

▢ Get to know the area

With this step-by-step plan, your moving process will be easy and you won't overlook anything. However, not everything may go smoothly. Do you have to live somewhere else temporarily because of a bridging period or renovation? Or do you have to wait for new furniture because of long delivery times? We will gladly and quickly provide you with temporary furniture! Contact Home Inspirations and discover the possibilities.