TV recordings for 'Buitengewoon Nederland'

Wednesday, October 5th, Home Inspirations was literally and figuratively in the spotlight during the TV recordings for the program Buitengewoon Nederland. An exciting day in which both our craftsmanship and the faces behind our beautiful company were central. The result was a TV item on RTL-4.

Home Inspirations in front of the camera

Buitengewoon Nederland is a Dutch TV program for and by entrepreneurs. Each episode gives a look behind the scenes at local companies and their internal processes. This was a great opportunity for us to share our experience and expertise. With this min mind, we gave an inside look at a furniture rental company. That's interesting TV for curious fellow entrepreneurs from other industries, isn't it? This was not the first time we were in front of the camera though. We have previously appeared in the programs "Huis te koop" (translates to 'House for Sale') and "De TV-makelaar" (translates to 'The TV Broker').

Doing business with passion

Both at the office and in our warehouse in Almelo, we are busy with interior design in the broadest sense of the word daily. Work that we do with passion and which we love to tell you about. And that is exactly what we did in Buitengewoon Nederland. We took the TV crew in tow to portray the entire process surrounding furniture rental. Fun to do, but also something that requires a lot of preparation. After all, there is always freight traffic going in and out of the warehouse, so visits like these require good planning. Fortunately, we are known for our efficiency and planning and we were able to clear the warehouse in time.

The people behind Home Inspirations

After a brief introduction to the crew of Buitengewoon Nederland, and going over the script, we sought out the most important spots within our company. We then shot the video in different scenes and locations. As many faces behind the company as possible were portrayed, revealing the fun, craftsmanship and passion. With hilarious moments here and there. For example, one of the colleagues turned out not to have heard that he only had to move the bus just a little bit; he just drove away! Only to return quickly afterwards, of course...

The process of furniture rental

In addition to this comedic note, Christy clearly portrayed the core processes of our company: from the quoting and creative process, to the placements. In the process, she was also able to explain why a circular service like furniture rental is so sustainable. A short and powerful story in which we give the outside world a glimpse into our company.

And Christy's tip for other entrepreneurs? 

"Don't think too narrowly but go to great lengths for the customer."

TV broadcast Buitengewoon Nederland

The end result is a 2-minute TV item in which we quickly show all facets of our company and the people behind it. The broadcast was on Sunday, December 11th at 2:30 pm, with a repeat on Saturday, December 17 at 1:00 pm. Missed the broadcast? Watch it back above.

Want to know more about Home Inspirations and the possibilities of rental furniture? Then contact us without obligation. We are happy to tell you more.