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Urgent delivery
Delivery possible within 24 hours


Even in case of a delicate situation


Everything delivered ready for use


All-in service
From styling to installation and from decoration to clearance

Setting up emergency homes

We create a temporary home effortlessly and quickly. We do this with a functional, durable and tasteful interior. Because we know: after a disaster you need a solid foundation, without incurring too many costs.

Customer satisfaction

If you have to live elsewhere temporarily, the level of comfort in the replacement home is an important factor. After all, a carefree bridging period is crucial when rebuilding your home.

A stable home base has a positive influence on how one experiences and overcomes an unhoped for event.

As a furniture rental company, we have almost 20 years of experience in furnishing emergency homes. We have satisfactorily worked with various landlords and housing associations, offering an all-in service at a fair rate.

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Ready to use

We stand for reliable and fast settlement. If desired, we also provide upholstery, ceiling lighting, window and floor coverings. We also manage logistics, waste flows and facility matters and deliver everything ready for use.

With a complete inventory we bring functionality and comfort together. We furnish the house in such a way that it is fully equipped. Residents only need to bring their personal items.

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Transitional home Noordhoorn

01 / 03

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Transitional home Groningen

02 / 03

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Transitional home Groningen

03 / 03


I give it a big 9. I chose it because I found it on the internet. But the contact afterwards was fine, smooth, flexible and friendly. The people who delivered and picked up the items were neat and polite. The whole process was 'relieving' and that was very pleasant.

P. Visser

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