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Why Home Inspirations


From single residential units
to large-scale projects


Access to appropriate knowledge
and resources


A partner who moves with you


Furniture made from recyclable
raw materials

Temporary housing concepts

We understand that modular construction is all about speed, affordability and sustainability. We can realize suitable housing arrangements for any type of modern prefabricated building and application.

Even when many residential units have to be furnished at the same time in the short term. Without compromising on quality, of course.

Furnishing a model home

Want to present your newly built development in the best possible way for sale? With our furnishings, we provide that crucial positive first impression. We give the potential buyer a concrete picture of the home's possibilities.

Your model home will quickly be furnished, as efficiently and affordably as it was built.

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Scalable (circular) design

What makes flexible housing solutions special is the speed at which buildings are realized. But whether it is a single model home, multiple modules or a big apartment complex, we can flexibly respond to this short realization time.

Is circularity important to you? We take recyclable raw materials into account during procurement. If desired, we can also use refurbished or reused furniture in top condition wherever possible.

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Modulair recreational homes Hoge Hexel

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Everyone who visits the house immediately feels at home. We get many compliments. If I had to give you a grade, I would give you a 9!

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