Home Staging for accelerated home sales

Did you know that a styled home:

  • Sells faster than an un-styled one,
  • Often has a higher selling price,
  •  Allows you to give your home a distinct advantage over other properties.

At Home Inspirations you can rent furniture and home decoration for temporary use: everything you need to optimize the presentation of your home in 3 easy steps:

  1. We make you an offer based on your information and wishes,
  2. After agreement we deliver, install and style your home interior,
  3. When you are ready you can contact us and we retrieve the furniture.

Christy, Styling & Purchase

Christy, Styling & Purchase

Home staging by Home Inspirations

Home Inspirations stimulates the quick sell of your home through home staging. How?

Every necessity for succesful home staging
Firstly, we offer everything you need to stage your home, from kitchen and bathroom accessories, to living room and kids’ furniture to window and floor treatments. We can assist you in styling your home with our experience in home interior design. When we style your home, we always play up its strong points by using neutral and complimenting colors.

Use of materials & accessories
Through stylish furnishing materials and home decor accessories we capture the attention of your target audience. Home Inspirations offers nothing less than an atmosphere that stimulates the sale of your home.

Additional services
Our services do not stop there. Did you know over 80% of house hunters find their future homes on the internet? That is why we also offer photography services to complete your home staging experience.


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All the advantages of home staging by Home Inspirations

  • Fast delivery
  • The best rates
  • All services under one roof
  • Stimulation of sales
  • The best price for your home
  • Attract a wider audience
  • Options from basic to complete interiors
  • Stylish, custom interiors
  • Window and floor treatments
  • Photography

More about home staging?

Are you a professional home staging stylist or a rental agent and are you interested in working together with Home Inspirations? Then contact us today to find out more about our shared opportunities.

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